April 27, 2022 2 min read

Books play an essential part in stimulating your baby's ever-expanding brain, and it would be great if you instill the love for reading in your child from a very early age. Your newborn's brain starts making rapid progress from the very beginning. The baby starts following the toys and other vibrant objects with his eyes from his birth. It's certainly the right time to introduce him to books as it plays a vital role in developing your child's brain. 

First, introduce them to books that develop their feeling sense. Rough and smooth books with textures on them would be the best pick for them so that the babies can touch and feel their objects. Reinforcing the words you read to him while feeding and dressing them up would help them memorize them.

 Mastering the skill of reading is the best skill your child would learn, and reading those books at an early age would help a toddler become a confident reader at the age of two. 

We have selected these five books from Suite Child that would surely help you start this reading journey with your newborn. 

1.    Daddy & Me finger Puppet Board Book.

Your little one would definitely adore this cute book on the list as babies love to learn about animals. The adventurous day in the jungle with daddy is something that kids can relate to. The colorful artwork would keep them engaged in the story and help them learn about different animals. This book is best to engage both grown-ups and their babies in an interactive play.   

2.    Melissa and Doug Mask Book Bundle

These mask books can be used as introductory books for your little ones. Comes in three different fun face sets (Zoo faces, farm faces, and good night faces). These interactive masks would help your little one to enhance his imaginary play.  

3.    Haba Fabric Book with Puppet

The books that have flaps and tabs are the most intriguing to little ones, and they instantly grab their attention. The soft fabric in this book will help them master their sensing skills by grasping and lifting the flaps.  

4.    Baby's First Bible Stories

Who does not want to instill religious stories in their little ones? This book has twelve stories from the bible, which would be perfect to introduce your baby to the creator and religion.

5.    Tuffy Book/Lamaze Good Morning First Colors

This book can be a great learning tool for your little one as it is an indestructible book. It is a washable BPA-free book for your newbie, which is chewable and can be used as a teether. Help your baby learn and recognize colors and animals with this masterpiece.