April 27, 2022 2 min read

Looks like you are soon going to join the most prestigious club in the world, motherhood. With the newborns come new responsibilities for a mother since she is starting a new phase of her life. Generally, this chapter of life brings many changes in the first-time mom’s life. The most beautiful of them is this challenging yet rewarding maternal bond that makes her selfless.

Here are some comfy and stylish nursery essentials that you would need the most for yourself and your baby in life onwards.

1.    Origami Mini Crib

Nothing is more satisfying for a mother than watching her little one peacefully sleeping in her crib. A crib is certainly the safest place for a baby to sleep and surely the most useful nursery essential. Most parents prefer mini cribs for newborns as portable and less spacious. Here’s one perfect pick for your little one that you can easily move anywhere in the house.   

This modern babyletto origami mini is a miniature version of a full-size crib; it is durable, light-weighted, and comes in a folding mechanism for storage.

2.    Babyletto Kai Rocker

A new mom is also born when the baby is born; both need comfortable stuff to make late nights less hectic. A nursing chair or a rocker is certainly the most important thing in a new mom’s life as she needs a comfortable chair for nursing the newbie. We aim to provide you with comfortable nursery essentials for both mama and the baby.

Look at our tremendously comfy mid-century style rocking chair with eco-performance fabric, which makes it stain-resistant and water repellent. You don’t need to worry about spilled milk or other damages the baby does. 

3.    Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

With the arrival of a newborn, a new mom gears up for new responsibilities. Now you won’t carry your designer bags on most outings. Instead, you would have a baby backpack to carry multiple necessities for your little one. From a portable changing station to diapers, milk, and water bottles to baby wipes, there are several things that your baby would need when you go out, and to keep all of these things in order; you need a backpack. 

If you are that stylish mama who even wants to carry baby stuff in style, this chic backpack is designed for you.


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