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Stanley Jr. Tool Box 5 Piece Set

  • Do you see a budding handyman or an engineer in your child?
  • Support your kid’s dreams by strengthening their construction skills and encouraging them to take on the actual job with their OWN AUTHENTIC Construction Toy Tool Set from a long trusted brand of high-quality power tools for kids— STANLEY Jr.
  • As Sturdy as Mom or Dad’s Own Tools: Mainly made of hard steel and rubber, these toy tools are exactly like the adult version but only ergonomically sized to fit smaller hands.
  • Rubberized Grip to Prevent Dangerous Slips: The handles of the hammer and screwdrivers feature black and yellow rubberized handles that make them stay where they belong — safe in a youngster’s care-free hand.
  • Promotes Educational Family Bonding: Thanks to this high-quality set of constructive playthings, fun and learning hasn’t been as exciting of a combination as it is now with the possibility of kids doing the actual construction work with their parent or grandparents
  • Teach kids early on about safety (with the goggles that come with the set) and help them understand geometrical concepts with the 10-inch long tape measure.

Package includes:
* Toolbox
* Hammer
* Phillips Screwdriver
* Flat Screwdriver
* Safety Goggles
* 10-FT Tape Measure
NOTE: Adult supervision is recommended, especially for kids below 5 years old