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Saranoni White Sand Knit Faux Fur Extra Large Throw Blanket / (60"x80")

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Knitted Faux Fur: It's super soft. It's fluffy. It's stretchy. It's lightweight. And it is AMAZING. Saranoni has taken the silky, softness of faux fur and combined it with the lightweight, stretchiness of Bamboni in a loosely knit blanket with amazingly soft, long fibers. 
  • Fabric: Incredibly Breathable
  • Feel: Super soft, cuddly, and lightweight. Feeling is Believing.
  • High-quality construction: Every aspect is considered from the thread to the dye, from the factory to the family who receives this blanket.
  • Size: Throw 60”x80” - Large enough to cover the entire surface of a queen-sized bed!
  • Color: White Sand - gorgeous creamy neutral