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Remi Baby Doll with Carry Cot, Soother & Blanket Set / Light

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A beautiful choice for babies, toddlers and older kids alike, our fabric baby doll comes with a cute bandana, knitted carry cot, soother, bib and a blanket. Designed to help little ones self soothe, these dolls are wonderful and safe choices for babies and toddlers. Older kids will love the experience of looking after the baby which also helps develop empathy and social skills. Soft and cuddly these dolls are a darling choice for little ones. 

  •  Doll Size:  10 inches
  • Bonikka dolls are developed to represent all communities and come in different skin tones. 
  • The delicately embroidered features and bandana make her a super cute choice. 
  • The lovely, knitted carry cot can be used to transport the baby doll and its safe and easy for little ones to carry.
  • The plush baby soother, blanket and bib accessories help keep your little one engaged in taking care of the baby doll.
  • All baby dolls are made with love and are perfect for children needing a soothing doll or for those looking for a comforting empathy doll.
  • Our baby dolls have a lovely soft body which is great for snuggles and They are filled with recycled PET fibers making them environmentally friendly as well.