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Nuna Car Seat LATCH Guides

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The Nuna Car Seat Latch Guides make installation of many car seats simple and quick. Often latch lower anchors are buried deep in the crease of the vehicle seat making it difficult to attach car seat latch connectors. The Nuna Latch Guides secure to the lower anchors acting like a funnel making it easy to install most latch connectors. Buy a set for each vehicle and each seating position with latch anchors so you can quickly and easily move car seats from vehicle to vehicle, and to different seating positions within each vehicle.


  • Nuna Latch Guides make finding latch anchors quick and simple
  • Secure to latch lower anchors to make finding the anchors simple
  • Act like a funnel for latch lower anchors
  • Put a set in each vehicle in each position with latch lower anchors
    *Does not work with hook style latch connectors