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Mary Meyer Little But Fierce Leopard Character Lovey Blanket

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Little But Fierce is on trend with colors and patterns that are popular with parents today. Monkey, elephant, and leopard friends all sport our lovely leopard’s spotted accents. With a Wubbanub, teether, crinkle square, and character blanket, this theme has something for every baby.

What we love:

  • Ever popular leopard print in a fresh floral interpretation
  • Custom leopard bouquet print created by Mary Meyer
  • Speaks to 2022 trends with seafoam color mixed with touches of modern pink
  • Consistent top selling jungle theme done in a very feminine way
  • This double layered blanket has a custom leopard printed top layer with cinched corners as well as a satin and plush second liner.
  • 13×13″
  • Super soft pastel plush leopard character head
  • Ball gown-esque double layer blanket with blush satin
  • Custom leopard bouquet print created by Mary Meyer
  • Cinched corners provide tactile stimulation
  • Embroidered leopard spots, whiskers, and other details
  • Machine wash, air dry