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Hot Chocolate on a Stick - Pack of 5 / Peppermint

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Five sticks of premium couverture Hot Chocolate on a Stick in a Peppermint. Dunk into a mug of hot milk, stir until chocolate melts, then sip the best hot chocolate you've ever had!

Swirl this block of the finest couverture into steaming milk or water and you’ll have a cup of hot chocolate worth lingering over. Stirring adds to the experience, soothing you over while building up anticipation for that first sip. The hot chocolate that results is the same caliber you will find in the world’s finest cafes and bakeries. 

Every hot chocolate stick is handmade in a Northern California kitchen of finest couverture chocolate.

*Because it is made with only the finest couverture chocolate, your Hot Chocolate Ticket Sticks will last on your shelf in a cool dry place for months.
*Purchase does not include mug.