fridababy NoseFrida Saline Snot Spray

The advantages of NoseFrida Nasal Spray

30% less dosage volume, specially designed for babies’ noses – as opposed to competitors’ products.

Long shelf life, thanks to a unique pump function. An unopened bottle will keep for three years, while an opened bottle keeps for four months.

Distributes the solution more evenly in the nose and minimises the discomfort that may be felt with a pipette as the solution passes through the throat.

Made from natural sea salt.

Available at specialist baby and child shops nationwide.

Useful information

The nasal spray is a natural saline solution that is completely free from preservatives, with a dosage volume that is lower than other nasal sprays on the market. The saline solution is made from natural sea salt, harvested 5 km off the English coast.

Thanks to our unique pump function, the spray has a long shelf life.