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Baby Wisp Chelsea Snap Clip Bow Set / Desert Spring***

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Sweet baby hair bow gift set with 5 boutique style bows in grosgrain ribbon. A desert inspired color palette of boutique hairbows to coordinate with baby and toddler girl's modern warm toned outfits. Inspired by the colors of dry earth, cactus and desert flowers.

High quality grosgrain bow tied into a 'boutique style' bow. Boutique hair bows are gorgeous and have a little knot in the centre with loops on the sides. The 30 mm snap clips are lead tested stainless steel wrapped in grosgrain ribbon. The bow spans about 4.5 cm across and 2.5 cm tall. The ribbon is 3/8" wide (9mm) and tied at the center with 1/4 inch (6 mm) ribbon. Snap clips slide in and snap shut like a barrette style. Do not use in damp hair.

This bow looks best on little girls 3 months to 18 months. You must have hair for this clip to work. Fine hair will work.  

Colors in this set include: Antique White, Rose Taupe,Vintage Gold, Moss Green and Nutmeg