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Baby Wisp Nylon Roll Headband / Midnight Mauve

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Soft stretchy nylon band for babies and toddlers with a twisted looping shape in the centre creates a vintage style for little fashionistas.

The modern color palette available make a fashionable baby easy to accessorize.

A perfect 'grow with me' hair accessory because the nylon is very stretchy. These headbands are made with nylon (envision your sheer stockings so stretchy and comfy and don't leave marks on your legs, right?...well, THAT super soft material is the secret to this delightful hairband!).

The circular design embellisment is adhered to mask the seam of the band to create a uniform and flawless look. The shape resembles a cute "cinnamon bun" that is 5.25 cm in width and height. The band is 8 cm in width. When laid flat and unstretched the total headband length is 15 cm.

It fits newborns up to toddlers very comfortably. Handwash only so it lasts a long time!

Fabric Composition : 92% Nylon+ 8% Spandex