February 26, 2022 3 min read

If you are preparing for the arrival of the newest member of the family, you are probably wondering which essential items you will need for their bedroom. Most moms and dads to be get caught up in designing and décor, it's important to make sure you've got the basics for your baby’s nursery. This finely tuned list will spell out exactly what you need for the nursery before your little one arrives.

Baby Crib

Whether you start with an elaborate crib, a bassinet, or a co-sleeper, one of the most important baby nursery must-haves is a crib.  Your baby's sleeping point will likely be the focal point of the room. If you want your crib to last you a long time, go for a convertible one that turns into a daybed or a toddler bed so that your baby can use it for years to come.

Don’t forget the crib mattress. 

Mattress Covers

Innumerable foreseeable messes and accidents take place with babies (well, hello spit-ups and leaking diapers). Before they happen, protect your mattress from leaks and moisture by using a waterproof crib mattress cover. 

Baby Bedding

Once you have got the crib and the mattress, it's time to get the crib bedding. Bedding can also be a part of the exciting decorating process. You can choose from a variety of bedding including knit filled sheets, crib skirts, blankets, and cute pillows. 

A Changing Table 

Your baby would need something comfy and sturdy enough to lie down on during all those diaper changes. A changing table with drawers can keep you feeling organized amid the new baby frenzy. Organize the drawers with diapers while keeping some extra space for other must-haves like wipes, lotions, and nappy rash creams

To save space you can also put a changing pad on top of your baby’s dresser which can later be removed when your little one no longer wants it. 

A Rocking Chair

Rockabye baby! Sing, snuggle, and nurse your baby in a designated spot where you and the baby feels comfortable, especially in the middle of the night.  A  glider/ rocking chair is a perfect place to do so. Even after your baby passes the age of feeding, you can use the chair for storytime and bedtime cuddling.

 A nursing pillow to use while sitting on the rocking chair for feeding ( breast and formula both) is very good to have, as well. 

Storage Baskets

For your baby’s big debut, accessible baby essentials are going to be a top priority but all of those items can create a big mess.  A big basket on the floor next to your baby’s crib is more than just a cute decoration piece, it is the ultimate solution to your clutter woes. You may not have a lot of toys for now, but storage baskets are great for tucking away extra burp clothes, blankets, and other necessities. Strategically place the storage bins where you can easily reach them while holding on to your baby. 

Baby Monitors

A baby monitor will become your ear and eyes while your little one naps in the nursery, rests, or plays, allowing you to stay in visual contact with them. Some baby monitors come with two-way communication and other fabulous technologies.  

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