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6 Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Strollers

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Did you know that the baby carriage, has been around for three centuries

When it comes to buying baby strollers, there are several factors to consider. For the top 6, keep reading. 

Types of Strollers 

Which stroller to buy depends on a lot, from what baby stroller fashion you like to what features you deem a necessity for your parenting lifestyle. The basic stroller types consist of the following. 

Standard of Full Sized

These strollers are the bigger and more durable strollers, which means they are a bit bulkier and harder to maneuver. 

Lightweight or Umbrella

As the name suggests, these strollers only weigh about 15 pounds or less, and they are easy to carry, push, and fold. They do not have a lot of padding and are for children 6 months and older. 


Made with 2 sturdy tires and a lightweight frame, these are the perfect strollers for active parents. 

Car Seat Carriers

These have a basic frame and are pretty inexpensive. Most only work with infant car seats, so your baby will outgrow the car seat carrier quickly. 


If you have two young children, this is the best option. The options are one seat in front of the other or side-by-side. 

Travel Systems

These strollers contain an infant car seat, car seat base, and a separate stroller all in one. They are often regarded as the one-stop shop, but they can be bulky and unmanageable on stairs. 

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Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Strollers

There are many options for strollers, and baby stroller features are changing. There are several stroller categories to choose from, so keep these six factors in mind.

1. Your Price Range

Parenting is expensive, so you want to make sure you create a budget and remain within it when selecting your stroller. 

2. Your Lifestyle

Before buying baby strollers, you should ask yourself the following questions: 

  • How active do you plan to be
  • Where will it be stored
  • Do you want more children
  • What terrain will you be navigating

3. Safety

Safety is a top priority. Be sure to look for a tight braking system, attached reflectors, a safety belt, and attached wheels, and any other features you want to ensure your baby's safety. 

4. Ease of Use

Every parent is different, so you want to make sure you get the baby stroller that is easy for you, from storing it in the trunk to tossing it in the wash.

5. Storage

When you push your baby in the stroller, consider the space you need for blankets, clothes, and food.

6. Canopy 

If you plan to take your baby out on sunny days, this may be a feature you want. The canopy provides shade from UV rays and harmful weather elements. 

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Start Strolling Today

Buying baby strollers is a big purchase, and finding the perfect one is essential. From what type you want to the top features, we hope you enjoyed this guide. 

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