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Vanilla Bean Board Book

Bean is one picky pup! When it comes to food, he doesn’t like much. Just vanilla ice cream. Not spaghetti, not applesauce, not even grilled cheese. Just vanilla ice cream. Plain vanilla. Very, very plain vanilla. While Miss Sundae tries to convince Bean to try many of her funny ice cream flavors, she only hears one big NOPE in return. Until one day, there's a big sprinkle accident at the ice cream shop! And guess what? Bean's ice cream is actually pretty good all covered in sprinkles! Maybe, just maybe, he'll try a strawberry tomorrow! A sweet and silly story about trying new things.

  • Ice cream! Dogs! Sprinkles! What’s not to love?! A perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and more.
  • Lively illustrations and silly animal friends will keep your little one entertained and engaged
  • Humorous, relatable story perfect for story time that will have everyone giggling
  • Sturdy board pages are easy to grasp, great for practicing fine motor skills
  • Playful story that touches on a common obstacle many parents face with their little ones. A must for picky little eaters!