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Tutti Frutti Ice Pop Trio Kit

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With this cool kit, it's summer all year round! Mold and decorate your very own popsicle designs and other cold treats. Tutti Frutti scented modeling doughs smell just like the real thing.

Tutti Frutti dough features the scents of real fruits and sweets in a range of vibrant colors. Tutti Frutti is non-toxic, water-based, re-hydratable, and won't stick, stain or crumble. Compatible with other modeling dough brands. Blend any combination of dough together to make new colors and scents. Creative activities increase confidence, develops motor skills, and exercises the imagination. Ideal indoor activity for snowy or rainy days. For individual quiet time or group play.


Three 100g/3.5 oz tubs of lemon yellow, pink bubblegum and blue cotton candy modelling dough, ice cream scoop, ice cream cone molds, plastic Popsicle sticks and molds.