Sweet N Swag Goldicott - Gold Moxfords

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Sweet N Swag designs handmade shoes that stay on babies’ feet using Stay-put Technology. Sizes 0-3 feature a soft sole ideal for crawling and learning to walk while sizes 4-10 feature a durable rubber sole for active play. Our Collection is ready to ship within 1-2 business days.


Our Moxfords or Mox are designed around the classic oxford style shoe while using the functionality of the traditional baby moccasin.  Moxfords feature a hidden elastic threaded around the heel & tongue of the shoe with hidden seams which offers a classic, clean & modern look.


Our brand is known for offering high quality shoes at an ethical price point. We have politely declined experts’ advice to raise prices because we will always remain consistent to our core values and will forever remember why we started; with a goal to do good.


To ensure ordering a proper size, please measure your child’s foot prior to ordering. We recommend adding 1/2″ to your child’s foot measurement for growing room.


SIZE 0      (0-2 months)          (3.5″)

SIZE 1      (2-8 months)           (4″)

SIZE 2      (9-12 months)         (4.4″)

SIZE 3      (12-18 months)       (4.9″)

SIZE 4      (18-24 months)       (5.5″)

SIZE 5/6   (2-3 years)               (5.9″)

SIZE 7/8   (3-4 years)               (6.4″)