SlimeBall Arcade Gallery***

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  • Arcade fun at home – diggin’s slime ball arcade gallery comes with 1 flinger launcher and 2 Green flinger slime balls and 6 stacking arcade cans
  • Shoots 30 feet – shoot slime-balls up to 30 feet using the flinger toy sling-shot launcher. Or shoot slime sling balls right from your fingertips with built-in launch mechanism
  • Blast the can pyramid – knock over the target cans with a Splat! Flinger balls stick to target set cans but not the walls
  • No marks – slime fling darts have a great squishy feel, but aren't sticky and won’t mark up your walls. Flinger balls only stick to the can targets
  • Indoors & outdoors – play inside with your slime-ball toy or take it outside. This target Bullseye game encourages active indoor outdoor game play. A kids slingshot for boys and girls ages 6+