Puj Nubs / Cyan/Magenta/Yellow

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these colorful hooks feature a soft, grippy tip, making hanging household accessories easy and fun! with pick-up this easy you won't be the only one cleaning up the house...your kids will want to help! the soft material is playful and fun for any child.


no installation required--just peel and stick!


can be used to hang brooms, keys, jewelry, towels, purses, headphones, small backpacks, coats, and literally thousands of other items.


to be used on smooth surfaces such as tile, glass, metal, refrigerator door, and shower walls. make sure surface is clean and dry prior to placing nub. not to be used on dry wall, paint, or wallpaper.


peel and stick for easy installation

soft and flexible material makes hanging easy

holds up to 3 lbs

adheres best to smooth surfaces (tile, glass, mirrors, etc...)

perfect for hanging towels and clothes