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Oops Product (Damaged and/or Missing Parts) - FINAL SALE

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Generally "Oops" products will be marked to 70%-90% off* of the original price.

*Consult JF about the price when dealing with furniture, gear, or anything you are questioning.

Operations - Make sure this product has been properly accounted for in Vend.

Handle this with Supplier/Brand when they need to held accountable.

Print the "Oops Product (Damaged and/or Missing Parts) - FINAL SALE" label and cut off the $0.00 price. Place this new label over the top of the original product's barcode, keeping the original description and price visible so customer knows the value. 

Write an 'X' in red through the original price, write the new price, and provide a brief description of what's wrong.

Put a red sticker on the price label - do not cover anything with the sticker.

When this item is sold, the new price written in red needs to be entered.

No other steps need to happen as all counts, credits, replacements, etc. have been handled by the Operations Manager.