C.R. Gibson Memory Book / Little Champ

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Embroidered fabric, photo windows and stitched felt appliques make a winning combination for any "little champ."

9 x 11 1/8" cover size

60 decorative pages to record memories and milestones of baby's first 5 years. Including:

All about My Mommy, All about My Daddy, Our Family Tree, Pregnancy chronicle, Baby Shower Guest/Gift List (2 pages), My Arrival, Introducing...Brand-New Me!, Birth Certificate, Hospital Bracelet, Handprints, Footprints, Birth Announcement, Newspaper Announcement, My Homecoming, Visitors & Gifts, Adventures in Parenting, The World Around Me (news & current events), Growth Charts, Immunization Chart, Dental Chart, Milestone pages for 1st-12th months, All of my Firsts (2 pages), Giggle and Grins, My First Haircut, My First Vacation, Holidays and Celebrations, Some of My Favorites, 1st-5th Birthday Pages, My First Day of School, Sweet Memories, Funny Stories, A Letter from My Parents

Customizable picture window on front cover

Acid-free, lignin-free

Gift boxed