Demo Fat Brain Toys OffBits / Carebit

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Sets of uniquely designed nuts, bolts, and springs for building all kinds of fun, robot-like characters

Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, planning, creativity, critical-thinking, problem-solving, imaginative play

Experience the art of spare parts!

5-in-1 super tool makes it easy to screw together and take apart creations

Choose from 4 iconic color schemes: Red ArtBit, Teal BabaBit, Light Blue CareBit, Yellow InfoBit

Each kit comes with instructions for building 3 "out of the box" models

Use your own creativity to invent more

Unique registration code lets kids share their custom creations with an online community of creators

Kits each include high quality, uniquely designed hardware, special SuperTool

SuperTool is custom-designed to match the standard hardware sizes in every OffBits kit

BabaBit and CareBit include 29 pieces

ArtBit and InfoBit include 28 pieces

Characters each measure approximately 3 x 2 x 1 inches

Exceptionally strong, high quality materials for lasting durability